On honey and its abilities to cure what ails you

As the unruly weather in the Midwest dramatically changes seasons it seems I have, once again, become very ill. So while everyone else seems to be out celebrating Cinco de Mayo/The Kentucky Derby/The rise of the “Super Moon,” I find myself lying on the couch with a cat and a pug, watching television premiers of absolutely terrible movies.

I did manage to make it to a clinic though, but they couldn’t come up with a cure and considering my awful history with antibiotics -that once led to a night in the hospital- they were not willing to readily prescribe medications. What they did offer were a few suggestions to help me recover, including drinking lots of tea with a heaping tablespoonful of (all things) honey! You always hear about using honey for sore throats but it was the first time I had a doctor prescribe it to me.

This got me thinking, “I wonder if you can use honey for other home remedies to aid everyday ailments?” and what I found was a surprising list of uses for honey. So, I thought I’d share a few:

Use honey as a moisturizer. Add a tablespoon of liquid honey to a bottle of lotion. Sweet and soft!

Use honey as a face wash. Honey is a natural antimicrobial which makes it great for fighting breakouts and is gentler on your skin than hard chemical facewashes. Just take a glob of honey and add it to warm water, then scrub it on your face. It can also help relieve psoriasis and fungal skin infections like ring worm.

Use honey as a natural Neosporin. Honey is a natural antiseptic and good for your skin too.

Use honey to embalm a loved one. Ancient Egyptians used honey as an embalming agent before mummifying the dead.

Use honey to relieve allergies. The thought on how this works is that honey contains small remnants of pollen- every time you ingest local honey, you expose you body to the local allergens that cause you to suffer. It’s like a flu shot, but less painful!

Use honey to recover after a workout/a hard night of drinking. Honey has natural electrolytes in it so any time you are feeling a little low on energy, have some honey and it can give you a boost.

Use honey to prepare for 2012. Honey is the only food that won’t “go bad”  (well, honey and maybe Twinkies). It might crystallize over time but running the bottle under hot water will make it liquify again. This makes it a perfect food for that upcoming society-eradicating apocalypse.

Use honey to make your everyday life more awesome. Just eat it. And if you buy it from a local farmer I promise your life will be even more awesome.


I hope you enjoy your holiday, whatever it might be that you celebrate today. As for me, I’ll be on the couch with a Hot Toddy.



(Special note: I would like to state that I (1.) am not an expert and (2.) would not recommend using any of these treatments on children without research)


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