Can you help Save the Bees?

image courtesy of GiGi

Short answer, YES!

In light of the not so recent  Monsanto Scandal, and the decrease of the bee population as a whole, we should be doing our part to make sure bees get a fighting chance. Here are a few things that we ALL could do to help our bees, so listen up!

Plant Things: If you have a yard, some space, or even a few pots… put some flowers in them, or pant a few vegetables if you can. If you increase the amount of pollen, you increase the bees productivity, which creates more bees. Plus, variety is the spice of life, so give the bees lots of different options. How fun would it be to flower bomb an area in your neighborhood? Just take a trip down to your local home and garden store and get a few seed packets, that’s all you need to start!

Go Organic: Once you have your flowers/gardens in, try a completely organic route. There’s no question that chemicals and pesticides kills bees (and other helpful insects, animals… and are generally not that great for you either). There are many ways that you can avoid nasty chemicals in your gardens. You could try this or go here or take a look here for some tips to get you started.

Buy Honey: There has to be a local farmer out there selling honey at your farmer’s market. Get some! Beekeeping seems to be catching on as a fun and important hobby. The more we support local bee farmers, the more we help out the bee population. Plus, we already saw the delightful ways honey can help you in GiGi’s last post. Try some of them out and let us know what you think!

Don’t BEE Afraid: See what I did there? All joking aside, we know that bees sting and that it hurts, but there is no reason to be afraid of them (unless, you are very allergic, then by all means). Spread the word about how great bees are and what they do for all of us!  And maybe some day you can tell people how great the honey was that you bought from those two awesome (crazy?) beekeeping sisters!

We want to know what you are doing to help Save the Bees, so report back!


Madame W


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