Beekeeping 101

Our first class went well, amazing, in fact. It was so much more than either of us could have expected from a first lesson. The class was intimate, (about 10 people from all walks of life and ages) and our instructor, Nina, is a peach. Not only is she wealth of knowledge on the subject, she also breeds queens… not to mention, she’s funny as hell. Remember when I asked if we would go into the apiary today? Well, I don’t think Nina had intended to on our first lesson, but we were all eager to jump right in! I have to admit that I was a little shaky when we first approached the fenced in apiary, but I managed to cool off and get some great pictures while we learned.

Nina has offered to help us with whatever we need, including getting us started with a nuc (a half box with frames, bees and a queen). We hope she will be interested in being a kind of mentor on our journey, like our spirit  guide.

Check out what we did today, and sting-free so far!

opening the first hive, this was the more “docile” of the group

this is a 10-frame hive
there are six hives in the Franklin Park Conservatory Apiary

removing the frames to spot the queen

the best way to learn is to get right in there!

This is going to be a great month!

Love, Madame W


6 thoughts on “Beekeeping 101

  1. thanks everyone! we are already prepping for next week’s class! getting our clothing in order… we are going into the hives!!

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  3. Look forward to reading about your progress. Nice way to keep folks in “your” loop!
    BTW, love the Sting Counter, but I don’t see any numbers yet! 😉

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